MDSC icScore™

Predict and Monitor Responses in Cancer Patients through Effective Immune Monitoring

icScore™, an immune monitoring tool designed to help patients gain the most benefit from immunotherapy options in the treatment of cancer. Clinicians can use the blood test to help select the best treatment pathways and drug combinations for their patients. The cornerstone of icScore technology is the MDSC assay which has emerged as an important immunobiomarker. Serametrix has received CLIA approval for MDSC testing in cancer patients. The MDSC test is a 4-color assay that measures the frequency of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) in whole blood. Using flow cytometry, it provides an unrivalled view of the cellular immune response to cancer by measuring both mMDSC and gMDSC. Data analysis with our proprietary algorithm supports correct interpretation of data available through the Online Analysis Tool. Serametrix MDSC Assay is also available for exploratory research, patient stratification, and patient selection.

The Importance of MDSCs

The treatment of cancer has been revolutionized by the development of immunotherapies including PD-1 inhibitors and other checkpoint blockades. However, response rates are variable and better response rates are seen in patients with lower levels of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSC). Therefore, patients with elevated MDSC may benefit from supplemental drugs, and many combination therapies are currently in clinical development. Some of these combinations are thought to work by inhibiting MDSCs and thereby creating a permissive environment for activated T cells.

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