Biomarker Discovery and Validation

Innovative Immune Monitoring Strategies

Serametrix offers novel predicative biomarker assays to aid in immunotherapy development on several platforms and technologies—from just one 5ml whole blood sample. Our strength lies in partnering with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies and clinicians to develop cutting edge, relevant biomarker assays and to make those assays broadly available for the development of novel therapies. Our combined approach of looking at biomarker panels is aimed at measuring different elements of anti-tumor immunity to support effective immunomonitoring of cancer patients.

Our MDSC assays, serum profiling, antibody profiling, T-cell profiling and flow cytometry services measure antibodies to tumor antigens offering a world class view of the humoral response to cancer. Our whole blood assays (flow cytometry) provide an unrivalled view of the cellular immune response to cancer, measuring important peripheral immune cells such as MDSC, TReg, PD1, and Lag3. Together our innovative immunomonitoring strategies address prediction, monitoring, and trial design for the development of novel cancer therapies.



The identification of responders versus non-responders in pre-treatment has been the driving force for biomarker development, because not all patients respond to novel immunotherapy drugs.

Example: In pioneering work to develop Ipilimumab (a CTLA-4 blockage), it was discovered that patients with elevated MDSCs at baseline were less likely to respond. The Serametrix MDSC biomarker assay has subsequently been adopted across clinical trials in many different disease areas to aid in predicting response.


Effective monitoring of anti-tumor cell immunity is a vital part of drug development. The Serametrix portfolio of assays helps generate data that demonstrates the immune stimulatory of novel therapies.

Example: The Serametrix serum profiling service monitors cancer vaccine results, provides evidence of determinate spreading, and measures the presence of anti-tumor cell antibodies resulting in tumor cell death.   


Combination therapies may be more effective than monotherapies in immune-oncology. Drugs like PD-1 inhibitors are now being combined with other drug therapies to enhance efficacy. Using Serametrix biomarker data can help the rational design of such studies.

Example: If it is known that a PD-1 inhibitor response is reduced in the presence of elevated MDSCs then the combination with candidate MDSC inhibitors would be an effective strategy in trial design.

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