Antibody Profiling

Protein Microarray for Antibody Profiling of Cancer Testis Antigens

Serametrix protein microarray panels are comprised of full-length human tumor antigens expressed in mammalian cells and immobilised onto a solid support. Our portfolio of cancer antigen arrays allows detection of multiple cancer antigens in just a 1ml sample of serum or plasma. We have panels for specific cancer antigens (prostate, NSCLC) and a pan-cancer antigen array with the most commonly expressed antigens across all cancer types. From a single sample our technology can detect antibodies to multiple antigens. Our arrays can be customized to suit your particular study.

Antibody Profiling Assay Components

The Serametrix Antibody Profiling Assay includes study design, antibody profiling, and results with comprehensive analysis and interpretation, with expertise to help to define next steps and further studies..

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