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Advancing Cancer Therapy through Immune Monitoring

Serametrix provides immune monitoring solutions for better understanding of monitoring immune responses to immunotherapies in clinical trial cancer patients. In partnership with the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) and other leading institutes Serametrix has developed a suite of immunoassays that monitor anti-tumor immunity in patients enrolled into clinical trials for novel cancer therapies.

We standardize and provide access to proven technologies from trusted leaders in the field of immuno oncology. As a commercial entity we excel in combining technical expertise with practical deliverability to move the clinical development of new drugs forward faster and more efficiently.

Our Immune Monitoring Package measures different elements of the immune system to help scientists, clinicians, and physicians understand the interaction between the patient’s immune system and the cancer during clinical development of new drugs. We screen patient samples in all phases of clinical trials with our immune monitoring assays and deliver data that provide comprehensive measures of anti-tumor immunity.


Mission Statement

Serametrix’s mission is to standardize immune monitoring technologies within in CLIA laboratories and provide drug companies with access to these technologies in support of clinical trials to monitor the impact of cancer drugs on patient anti-tumor immunity.


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