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Cancer Immunotherapy and Monitoring Immune Response

The goal in cancer immunotherapy is to use a therapeutic antibody, molecule, or vaccine as a drug to activate the patient’s immunity. Upon stimulation, the patient’s immune system should recognize the tumor as foreign and an anti-tumor immune response should follow.

In clinical trials it is important to measure the patient’s anti-tumor immune response. Measuring the patient’s immune status before and during the trial provides greater understanding of the drug’s effectiveness. A correlative relationship between patient immunity and clinical outcome offers an opportunity to identify those patients most likely to benefit from treatment. 

One major success story in cancer immunotherapy is the development of Yervoy® (ipilimumab) from Bristol-Myers Squibb for treating melanoma. Yervoy® is a recombinant, human monoclonal antibody that blocks the cytotoxic T- lymphocyte antigen-4 (CTLA-4), subsequently enabling T-cell mediated anti-tumor immune response. During clinical trials for Yervoy® there was considerable progress in the methods used to monitor anti-tumor immunity. At the very forefront of this effort were the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), whose methods for immune monitoring represent the standard in immune monitoring. 

The immune monitoring assays developed by the LICR and others enable effective measurement of anti-cancer immunity in immunotherapy patients and pave the way for predicting patient responses. Serametrix has partnered with the world’s leading tumor immunologists to make these immune monitoring tools openly available to pharmaceutical companies developing cancer immunotherapies. We help design the study, run the assays, and analyze and interpret the results. 


  • Monitor immunotherapy effectiveness in clinical trials
  • Generate data that demonstrate drug mechanism of action
  • Identify responder patients from baseline immune profiles
  • Enable patient selection for clinical trials or treatment 
  • Develop companion diagnostics

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All immunotherapy monitoring studies conducted at Serametrix in support of clinical trials are carried out to GLP standards. Our commitment to quality is evident in every assay and every project. From training, security, tracking, and redundancy your samples and data are safe with us. We’ve incorporated the following features to ensure quality of data: More...


The Serametrix Immune Monitoring Package measures different elements of the immune system, delivering a comprehensive data set on humoral and cellular anti-tumor immunity in cancer patients. The package allows pharmaceutical companies to conduct immune monitoring studies on patients and identify those patients most likely to benefit from treatment. More...


The emergence of immunotherapies to treat cancer has opened many doors of opportunity. Not least among these is the development of important new immune-based biomarker assays and analysis tools for measuring and monitoring cancer patients. Serametrix is proud to provide access to these exciting technologies in partnership with world class academic and clinical institutions. More...


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