MDSC Assay for Monitoring Immune Suppression

Evaluation of MDSC-mediated Regulation of Anti-tumor Immunity

The Serametrix MDSC Assay measures the frequency of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs).  MDSCs inhibit T-cell proliferation and permit continued tumor growth. Their abundance is associated with poor prognoses and elevated levels of MDSCs can render cancer patients less able to derive clinical benefit from immunotherapies. 

In one study of 26 patients receiving immunotherapy it was found that patients with relatively low levels of MDSCs at baseline were more likely to respond well to immunotherapy. Furthermore, it was observed that non-responders not only had elevated MDSC at baseline but more frequently had an upward trend during immunotherapy treatment (3).

MDSC Assay components:

The Serametrix MDSC Assay includes study design, MDSC assay, and results with comprehensive analysis and interpretation.

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(3)  Postow et al., (2012) NEnglJMed2012;366:925-931 March 8,2012 

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